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Our Core Vision

Provide the human-in-the-loop operator real-time actionable insight to increase the accuracy of their tactical decisions and mitigate operational risk.

So, whether you’re a helicopter pilot on a recon mission, an armored vehicle driver transporting valuable cargo or a security personnel overseeing video surveillance for a physical site, we can enhance your situational awareness.

Introducing Athena

Our dual-use AI platform, the Athena Core Engine (“ACE”), processes live data  and alerts  operators of threats and objects of interest in real-time.

Enhanced situational awareness allows for quick response and to focus attention where needed to proactively deal with situations as they unfold.

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Hardware Agnostic Deployments

Land, Sea, Air Deployments with Multi-Spectral Sensor Suite inputs.

Video & Sensor Data Processing

Real-time input processing from multiple video and sensor sources.

Radar/LiDAR/SAR and other Sensor Processing

Sensor Fusion and Multi-modal training capabilities.

Ares C2 - Command And Control Platform

Situational Insights on the fly.

Theia - Video Surveillance System

Real-time multi-camera processing and Smart Surveillance System.

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